I was introduced to deer in 2016 through my degree in Animal Science. They captivated me and inspired me, i've wanted to work with them ever since.

During my gap year I traveled around the UK to work alongside experts in the UK deer industry; with farmed, park and wild deer. While creating and setting up Déercor,

About Me

I'm Sophie Littlewood, the founder of Déercor®- Designer, Artist and deer enthusiast. 

I currently work with wild deer and park deer across the world and aspire to own a deer park, to help conserve endangered species through breeding programs, but ultimately so I can set up a social enterprise, helping others. I'm always learning and love to share my passion for deer with others through my videos, home decor and artwork.


It's important to me to film and study behaviour in the field so I can learn about different features and charming characteristics to bring through the designs.



I use the small details in designs - such as correct antlers, coat colour or including scientific names and deer habitats to share subtle education. My goal is the help the public by introducing all the wonderful variations and features of deer we have around the world. 


It all begins in my Norfolk studio where I begin planning the next individual products or Limited Edition collection. I find inspiration is all around me in nature and I include these little details I find out about deer in my designs. Once I am happy with the patterns and artwork, I collaborate with other British businesses with outstanding craftsmanship to create the very best products that are both beautiful and practical for your home. 


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Contact Details

Phone: 07983 246873

Email:  sophie@deercor.co.uk


Fallow Buck

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